State helps you maintain a five-star rating and high customer satisfaction by providing appropriate cleaning and degreasing products, 有效的洗碗程序, 以及良好的卫生习惯和技术.


Local and Federal compliance regulations are top of mind for any restaurant general manager or executive chef. At times, keeping up with inspections and a high-volume food service operation can be stressful. 与国家, 没有必要担心脂肪, oils and grease clogging your drains or your sanitizing basin not meeting correct quaternary levels. State will partner with you and provide NSF/USDA/CFIA compliant products to meet strict industry standards. 餐厅厨房, State是您清洁和维护化学品的一站式商店, 设备租赁及维修.

State offers a full line of dishmachine and glass washer 解决方案 available for lease or purchase. Your Account Manager is your partner in identifying the exact machine you need to match the footprint of your kitchen. 从under-counters, 低温, 高的温度, 单架, 双机架, 输送机, 甚至是飞行机器, 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站会帮你的. Pair the right machine with our 24/7 emergency support system and you never have to worry about losing money due to unforeseen downtime.

此外, 你的餐厅, common areas and restrooms are the first impression your patrons see and can generally be the reason whether or not they decide to dine with you in the future. Let State help you keep these areas immaculate with our specialty cleaners and disinfectants.










State offers dish machine 解决方案 to help control your costs while providing clean and sanitized tableware.
State’s kitchen chemical program helps your business be compliant with food safety regulations.



Solid, liquid and powdered products for machine or manual warewashing



















We have used State since 2007 for drain and sewer treatment as well as services relating to maintenance, 清洁和气味控制/改善. They have been a great asset to our operations and become a real partner over the years. The products work exceptionally well and their service is unmatched.

迈克·卡希尔,运营经理 Key Bank, Columbus, OH

州有广泛和有效的排水护理管道, 特别是Drain Rocket™, Scram®和污泥锤™.

我是设施经理欧内斯特·蒙特隆 St. 奥尔本斯退伍军人医院

State has been servicing the Autoliv facility for approximately five years and has helped solve several issues regarding water quality.

Emilio Massanisso,高级维修主管,CMA注册会计师

I have had more success with the State dilution system and products than any other in the industry. 我喜欢这种无触控、无溢出的系统. It provides my staff with a safe, economical and easy way to both carry and change each product

克里斯Lonis 南英语区

国家在提供质量方面做得更好, 政府批准的水处理, 气溶胶润滑剂和清洁产品. The company follows up after every sale to ensure that the products are performing as expected and that we are satisfied with the result. State even helps us manage our product inventory, ensuring we do not run out of the items we need.

简·范德豪特,总统 贝弗利温室

It’s always a pleasure doing business with our State account manager. 她很乐于助人。. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站对所订购的产品非常满意. She has also been great at providing recommendations for other products as well. 总的来说,我很高兴能继续和她做生意.


多年来, our local State account manager has reduced our chemical costs and improved the operational effectiveness of our systems.

Emilio Massanisso,高级维修主管,CMA注册会计师

Our 国家工业 account manager has always done an outstanding job of keeping our dispensing systems in working order and well stocked. She always goes over new product lines and recommends chemicals that aid our daily shop operations. 她是一个很好相处的人, 总是专业和有一个友好的, 即将离任的态度.

我是舰队服务部经理瑞克·吉 圣马科斯市

鲨鱼™, D-stroy®, Shut Your Trap™ and Floor Wizard™ EZ Guard are just a few of my favorite problem-solving specialty products. 他们是我职业生涯中从未见过的! 对于任何有清洁需求的人,我强烈推荐State!

克里斯Lonis 南英语区

The One Solution™ system is an innovative one-stop-shop for our housekeeping cleaning products. Its ability to adjust and regulate the dilution process makes for a safe, efficient and economical method when filling bottles and mop buckets. 当将国家产品与水混合时,它消除了所有的猜测.

Jay Verneris,维修主管 河公园的清水镇

Colasanti农场已经和State合作了十多年了. They have been assisting us with boiler and sewage line treatments. Between their chemicals and the expertise guidance from our account manager, 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站取得了成功的结果.

Anton Dijkhuizen,维修主管 Colasanti农场有限公司

Our local State account manager is always available to answer questions or provide support when contacted, 是否需要拜访, bringing in other State experts or providing suggestions to assist in solving an issue.

Emilio Massanisso,高级维修主管,CMA注册会计师

我从2016年开始就是State的客户. 这家公司、产品和员工都很棒! 整个国家让你觉得你是优先考虑的. 我会推荐State来满足你所有的清洁需求.


Our local account manager takes her time in getting to know the work environment as well as the folks she deals with so she can best understand our needs. She is honest in her recommendations, has outstanding product knowledge and stands by what she sales.


We tried the Fragrance Cube™ for a month in March 2018 and it worked very well. The guests commented on the sweet and fresh smell in the lobby, which is right beside the pool. It keeps that area smelling fresh at all times and the staff and guests appreciate it. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站决定保留魔方,保持快乐.

Dany Gendron, contrrema,装置,rsamcrimades

I work in a smoke-friendly building and have recently tried the Fragrance Cube™. We were surprised how the smell in the air changed in a short amount of time. When you walk into the building you instantly smell a very pleasant and clean fragrance. 我强烈推荐这种产品


We have been using BT-128™ condensate and oxygen scavenger to treat our boilers. For line treatment, we have been using BWT-S and the outcome for both has been very successful. 用于清洗轴承和拖拉机部件, we have been using Current Issue parts washing fluid with satisfying results.

Anton Dijkhuizen,维修主管 Colasanti农场有限公司

在枫叶广场公寓工作期间, State has assisted many owners and the property management group with great degreaser products. Grease-B-Gone®, has help suites and the common property with backups in the kitchen stacks and sanitary lines between scheduled stack cleanings. 这个产品, 哪些是现场工作人员可以申请的, 是安全的, 易于使用,并消除了昂贵的管道费用.

劳伦特·特伦布莱,总经理 Del物业管理

我爱凝胶精灵™. 令人惊奇的. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站把它用在所有东西上,它总能中和气味.

德维恩,维修技师 顶级高尔夫球场

State and our local State account manager have been instrumental in managing and improving the water quality of our boiler system to improve reliability. One of the most invaluable services has been our account manager’s eagerness to teach our group about water quality management to help us help ourselves. 在这方面,他是一个真正的合作伙伴.

Emilio Massanisso,高级维修主管,CMA注册会计师

澳门威尼斯人赌城网站非常喜欢租赁办公室和健身房的香氛方块! 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的办公室闻起来很香! 谢谢你所做的一切!

Megan Billiot,社区经理, 美丽生活双溪公寓

We have been using State for our cooling tower and switched our cleaning chemicals to the One Solution™ dispenser. We are very pleased with the ease of use, the product quality and the savings!

我是运营总监埃瓦琳·维吉莱蒂 弗雷泽Hockeyland

I have recommended State to other departments within the city as well as other agencies in the area. This is something I do not normally do for vendors and should say something about how much I appreciate both State and our local representative. 我期待着与国务院继续合作多年.


澳门威尼斯人赌城网站已经使用国家混凝土伴侣®两年了. We use it on our concrete floors and along the walls to eliminate cracks that could provide spaces for insect harborage and cause potential safety issues. This is critical to food safety and helps us ensure a safe, ready-to-eat product.

埃德·威尔逊,维修主管 通用巴伯公司.

I’ve been using State for the last four years to treat our lift stations in the hospital. They’ve provided us with great and timely service that has helped us reduce the odors and oil buildup in our pits

马克的祝福 格兰特医疗中心


托马斯·法雷尔,地区经理 哈帕奇消防局

I have used D-Stroy® and Po2wer™ numerous times in my carpet business with fantastic results. I couldn't be happier with those products and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take their service to the next level. 我的顾客总是很乐意.

迈克·英格利希,高性能清洁服务公司的老板 辛辛那提,哦

我使用State已经有一段时间了. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站尝试过其他产品,但总是回到State. 他们的产品有效!

山姆·沃森,行政总厨 假日酒店

State已经成为澳门威尼斯人赌城网站公司认可的供应商之一. They have brought a wide range of efficient products that have improved the quality level and budget of our company. 我向任何公司推荐State.

杰伊·古兹曼,运营经理 ;

We recently purchased and installed a Fragrance Central™ for our air conditioning system. The program has been in place for approximately four months and has exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend this program for any hotel or establishment that wants to enhance customer satisfaction.


I have witnessed the benefits State brings to our hospital’s commercial kitchen drains firsthand. 他们提供的服务高效、简洁、可靠. I have also witnessed the efficacy of their Grease-B-Gone® product on our grease traps. I would recommend State to anyone in need of drain treatment of any kind.


澳门威尼斯人赌城网站镇中心是一栋老旧的建筑,有点发霉了. The Fragrance Cube™ freshens the space and filters all the way through our two-story atrium.


PEN® has been great in removing rust and keeping the machines well lubricated. 它比我用过的任何渗透性油都好. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的一些机器被埋在泥里,一起生锈了. PEN®具有穿透积聚和松动部件的能力, 让我恢复, 修理和重新组装拖拉机. 它确实节省了我拆卸零件的时间. 这是一个很棒的产品.


The perception is that if a hotel room doesn't smell good, then it isn't clean. 嗅觉是顾客第一印象的一部分. The Fragrance Factories® in the hallways and restrooms are extremely successful. There has been a 10% increase in customer satisfaction in terms of room odor and cleanliness since using the Fragrance Factory systems.


自2003年以来,澳门威尼斯人赌城网站一直是国家客户. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站使用Fragrance Factories®, D-Stroy® and a number of other products to keep our restrooms clean and smelling great. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站喜欢客户经理为澳门威尼斯人赌城网站提供的优质服务.


澳门威尼斯人赌城网站需要客户经理的时候,他总是在澳门威尼斯人赌城网站身边. 我喜欢他照顾好一切. He even supplies and replaces the batteries in the Fragrance Factories®. 多亏了国家,澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的浴室看起来和闻起来都很好.


“I just want to say that State has been a great vendor for [medical examiner’s office]. State provides for us with hand sanitizer as well as restroom and shower fragrance dispensers. Thank you for your maintenance and continuous support for our facility.


It can be a challenge for a hotel's housekeeping staff to keep guestrooms clean and odor-free, 特别是如果房间里允许吸烟的话. Our State account manager has a secret weapon - it's called Foam Force™. We have been using it for nearly two years and it is just terrific. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站要做的就是把它喷在地毯上. 你不需要吸尘,它几乎可以立即起作用.


We have been using State 解决方案 for over a year and they have been fantastic. State provides us with their One Solution™ dilution system for all of our housekeeping needs as well as their air freshening Fragrance Factories®, 让澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的厕所闻起来清新干净.


We decided to do business with State because of the added benefits that came with doing business with them. 他们的产品有效 great and they are very cost effective as well.


The best part about doing business with State is that our account manager conducts bi-monthly service visits in which he services and maintains the equipment as well as our inventory. He even changes out the Fragrance Paks in the Fragrance Factories® for us. 如此伟大的服务! 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站期待着在未来的岁月里与国家做生意.


I presented my problem to our State account manager and she immediately put a game plan into action. 她介绍了香氛立方™, which we sampled for a few days to test the efficacy before committing. Needless to say, my supervisor, team and residents all fell in love! So much so that we ordered two additional units and love the Citrus Green Tea scent. 这是一个A+选项!


I had a sealed bottle containing a hardball sized clump of grease removed from a kitchen stack. 当澳门威尼斯人赌城网站把油脂- b - gone倒进瓶子里, 在不到15分钟的时间里,这团污泥变成了污泥.


We implemented a Grease-B-Gone® program in August 2017 and I evaluated the success at the end of March 2018. In that time, I was able to reduce the expense of cleaning kitchen stacks by 94.5%. 当我把这6个月的油脂成本加进去, 这比去年的实际开支节省了56%. Annualized that is a cost savings of over $20,000 for the Corporation.


自从启动了Grease-B-Gone®计划, the superintendent has not received any late night calls for sink over flows and residents have not come home to dirty sludge on their kitchen floor.


I fully endorse Grease-B-Gone® as a cost-effective alternative to annual power flushing of kitchen stacks. I am happy to share my experience and discuss my implementation with any prospective client of State.


I have been using State for a few years now and am very pleased with the service as well as the product performance. 我喜欢消毒剂的台词. Since I have switched to State, I have seen less sickness in employees and residents.


I have been using State air care products in my insurance office for over a year now. The quality of service from our account manager and her team is amazing. 他们定期来为我的账户服务, 给我不同的选择,让我的生意好起来. I often have customers and members of my team comment on how awesome it smells in my building. I would recommend State to any business owner and give them a ten star rating!


I use Pile Driver® on a regular basis to take stains out in-between shampooing. 它确实使澳门威尼斯人赌城网站不必更换许多地毯.


A decent carpet maintenance plan that uses a carpet extraction machine and State carpet care products, 让这40套公寓里的地毯看起来像新的一样.




The [New Jersey area] Board of 教育 has been using State products for several years, but we wanted to try another product with another company and decided to switch for one year. We went back to State and have been with them ever since because they make strong products.


自从切换到国家的一个解决方案™系统, 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站大大减少了清洁化学品的开支. The system is easy for my employees to use and the products are very effective. We have even received a number of positive comments from our renters about the switch to green products.


作为三家独立酒店的总经理, 对我来说,能接触到我的供应商是非常重要的. 我和国务院的关系非常好.


For the past year, State has provided our facility with a drain care maintenance program. The constant application of Grease-B-Gone® has reduced plumbing and kitchen stack cleaning costs.


Our residents appreciate the proactive approach of treating their drain lines. Grease-B-Gone® effectively eliminates fats, oils and grease (FOG), and has a nice citrus scent. 缓慢流动的排水管很快就恢复了. Therefore, phone calls to plumbers are negligible, especially on weekends. 因此,澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的主管有更多的时间做其他项目.


目前, because of our Grease-B-Gone® program we are delaying our regular kitchen stack cleaning and saving thousands of dollars. We have just signed for our second year of treatment and are confident in recommending the performance of Grease-B-Gone®.


State has provided our Restaurant Group outstanding service and products since we have been established.

约翰Ruetz 400海滩海鲜 & 利用

There used to be buildup on the dining room floors around the door mats and booths that I couldn’t get rid of with other cleaners. 甚至连甲板刷都没用. Scentastic™ was able to eat right through those spots with just my mop and a little pressure. Avance™ Kitchen Kleen cut through three years of grease buildup on one of the kitchen walls in one use – another issue I tried to eliminate multiple times prior without success. 我对我的餐厅现在的辉煌感到非常高兴.

马克·圣. 约翰 巴里的百吉饼

澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的州客户经理做得很好. 他总是很准时,我一打电话就过来.

玛丽亚Romo CiCi的迪凯特

联邦老年生活 has had a partnership with State since 2014. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站在所有领域的经验都是卓越的. This includes products, services, response times and the addition of new communities. The operational teams are proactive and truly concerned about our success. 澳门威尼斯人赌城网站期待着现在和将来与国务院合作.

鲍勃·雷蒙德,采购副总裁 & 餐饮服务 联邦老年生活

We are always updated on the new chemicals and merchandise available to our business.

安德鲁·卡伦牌 凯利的半壳家族

State is always prompt on our service calls and provides quality assistance on all our equipment and requirements. Overall, we are highly satisfied and have recommended State to other companies.


The service and attention that we receive from our representative combined with the quality and effectiveness of the products makes using State Chemical an easy choice.

George Rister,运营总监 拉普拉亚墨西哥咖啡馆

国家为澳门威尼斯人赌城网站提供了餐厅, Lenny’s Restaurant 首页 of the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training, 克利尔沃特, 佛罗里达, with excellent dish service and ware-washing products for over 35 years.

丹·法雷尔 Lenny’s Restaurant 首页 of the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training

State已成为澳门威尼斯人赌城网站设施的重要组成部分. 当澳门威尼斯人赌城网站把他们带上船时,他们确保一切顺利. The change from our previous supplier to State was very calm and our department did not miss a beat.

托马斯·布莱特,饮食服务主任 Mount Alverna护理中心

State’s technicians and customer service representatives never disappoint and show how customers are truly valued. 他们知识渊博,关心自己所做的事情.

托马斯·布莱特,饮食服务主任 Mount Alverna护理中心


Richard Pannullo,老板 潘努洛意大利餐厅

我很荣幸在国务院工作了五年. 在那段时间里, 它们一直保持着充足的库存水平, performed routine maintenance on our equipment and responded immediately to any service calls or emergency needs. I truly couldn’t ask for a better partner in such a critical area of our business.

布拉德·史密斯,地区总经理 贵格会教徒的牛排 & 润滑油

我甚至无法用语言来表达这是一家多么伟大的公司. From excellent customer service to the fantastic products, this company is top-notch.

金英,采购部经理 Winstar世界赌场酒店

我把国家化工公司和其他知名化工公司作过比较, and no other company comes close to exceeding or even matching their service and products. 如果澳门威尼斯人赌城网站的产品短缺, 有机械问题或需要产品建议, 这些人都在调查.

金英,采购部经理 Winstar世界赌场酒店

This is the kind of service that we provide to our guests and it is always nice to find a vendor that gives the same level of service to us.